Sunday, September 9, 2012

MAC Warehouse Sale (Sunday, September 9, 2012)

Went to the sale this morning (Sunday, September 9, 2012). Arrived shortly after 9am, line moved very quickly.

In terms of cosmetics, very limited selection, I usually spend most of my money on cosmetics, but this time very disappointed (however I still did quite the damage to my wallet):

- MAC Fabulousy Festive Face Kit/Warm - $45
- MAC Blacktrack Fluidline (x4) - $12/each
- MAC Face & Body Foundation (C3) - $20
- MAC Makeup Bags (x2) - $2/each
- Eyes By Design Angled Liner Brush - $5
- Clinique Great Skin Home & Away Kit - $40
- Mini Clinique Take the Day Off Eye MU Remover - $4
- Full Size Clinique Take the Day Off Eye MU Remover $12
- MAC Gently Off Eye and Lip Makeup Remover - $12
- MAC Green Gel Cleanser - $15
- MAC Prep and Prime Skin Refined Zone Treatment - $15 
- MAC Brush Sets (I am not a fan of the SE brushes, however, I have a lot of the full size brushes and I wanted to try the minis out, oh how I am a victim of consumerism!) Buy 1 Get 1 Free: ($40)
- MAC Make It Perfect Brush Kit/Mineralize (130SE/187SE/282SE/286SE)
- MAC Morning, Noon & Knight Everything Eye Brushes (194SE, 204SE, 224SE, 266SE, 275SE)

Was going to get but didn't want to wait in line (I don't remember how much):
- MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer (NW20)
- MAC Magneta Blush

Things I wanted to get but didn't end up getting (for those wondering what else is at the sale):
- Clinique Mini Dramatically Different Lotion - $4
- MAC Prep & Prime Serum - $25
- MAC Lightful Marine Softening Lotion - $20 (I think)
- MAC Mineralized Charged Water Moisture Gel - $25
- Origins Eye MU Remover - $12
- MAC Mascaras (Plush Lash, Zoom Fast (both waterproof and non), False Lash) - they had all the black shades - $12
- MAC Solar Riche Bronzer - $15
- MAC Dip Down Fluidline - $12
- Michael Kors Hollywood Perfume - $45
- Bobbi Brown Moisturizer - $65
- Bobbi Brown Cleanse Off Oil - $25
- Bobbi Brown Hydrating Cleanser Tube - $18
- They had Bumble&Bumble & Ojon Hair Products

Mineralize Face & Body Lotion - $5 (booo...)

Free Gift:
Shy Girl l/s (Nice gift but I already have this!)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Gym, Tanning, Laundry

So I haven't posted in a while...I moved out on my own a couple months ago and lost my camera charger, hence no photos to upload. I've been working like crazy (sometimes 7 days a week). I don't even have time to watch YouTube or catch up with Blogger anymore! I also started working out religiously. I just finished the Insanity program.
People know it as the crazy cardio program, which is why a lot of males do not like it, thinking they'll lose too much weight. Shaun T calls it Max Interval Training. Weird thing is I actually GAINED about 14 pounds on it...I definitely didn't get the after results like the infomercials (I do not believe those results are from only 60 days of Insanity), however my fitness level improved drastically. Also gained some abs and back muscles, and lost some love handles. I love the fit tests. My favorite are the power jumps. During my last fit test, I did 74 power jumps non-stop, I could have tried for more but the fitness room was at 28 degrees, it was disgustingly hot.

I am planning on starting P90X, however, I plan to workout at my gym (like I did with Insanity), but it is super small. It's kind of weird having people watch you workout while you're watching a video. Plus it has a lot of workouts where it's just better suited to do at home. The contrast is so funny between the two programs. Insanity has all these glamorized hot people and p90x has your average-looking people. What's even funnier is the contrast between Shaun T in Hip Hop Abs (a video he put out years ago) versus Insanity.

I haven't been wearing makeup too often either because my face got so dark from tanning. I know you guys will scold me but I was tanning often a few months back. For about two months, I went every other day! I initially only wanted to tan my legs because I never wore shorts since my legs were pale, now they are a nice golden color and my legs didn't have to suffer under sweatpants this summer. If any of you tan indoors, please recommend me a good lotion.Right now, I'm using this one from ProTan I think it comes in a pink packaging, and I've also used the ones from Sally's.

Anyways, I have my ticket for the MAC/Estee Lauder sale on Sunday. Let me know if any of you plan on going!