Monday, November 21, 2011

*Drool Alert* Sushi!

So on my personal Facebook page, I have an album dedicated to pictures of food I take. I wanted to share them here, so I decided to sort them by category for now. As you will probably see, I am a very picky eater and I usually order the same things from different places hehe. Many of them were taken with my cell phone so please excuse the crappy quality. So enjoy my first installment!

Mountain Roll @ Sushi 2 Go
Mountain Roll again - my fave dish in the world!
Sushi & Bulgogi Bento Box @ Sushi 2 Go
Gal's Sushi
Sashimi lunch box @ Gal's Sushi

Bulgogi Bento Box @ Gal's Sushi
Bulgogi Lunch Bento @ Gal's Sushi
Dragon Roll @ Ho Su Bistro
Boat @ Yuki
Sashimi @ Yuki
Don't know what this was, but it was nasty lol I don't enjoy anything fried/cooked on my sushi
Salmon Sashimi @ Koganei - really fresh!
Green Dragon Roll @ Spoon & Fork
Boat @ Ten-Ichi (All you can eat)

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a, said...

mmm i crave sushi all the time. i get the same things long as i have a spicy salmon or spicy tuna roll i am fine and happy!