Sunday, March 13, 2011

MAC Warehouse Sale (March 2011)

So this is my first time going on a Saturday, my first time having to wait outside in the massive lineup, and first time going right in the morning. I was disappointed at the huge price increases since the last time I went. That being said, I spent more than I ever had previously =(

The eyeshadow palettes were ridiculously overpriced from previous sales. I remember they used to be $15 buy 1 get 1, now they're $25...
The charity package sucked...a blue lipmix and a foundation in medium deep...
I wanted a few pigments but the line up was too long they were $12
The $4 lineup was the longest I refused to line up but luckily I was at the refund table where a lot of the items were available for me to snatch up! =)

The gift sets were $40 each
Forgot to take a pic of the Pinkzapoppin! kit (so this pic is not mines FYI)
It came with:
- Light Flush MSF
- Dainty Mineralize Blush
- Love Connection Mineralize Eyeshadow
-181 SE Brush
I had a hard time deciding between this and Fun in the Sun kit since I have always wanted to own Shimpagne MSF

I had a hard time deciding to get this one too. I had two other options. The other two sets had amazing blushes.
This Tawny set came with:
-Refined Golden Bronzing Powder
-Coppertone Blush
-By Jupiter Mineralize Eyeshadow
-Love Nectar Lustreglass (which sucks since I already own it! If any of you would like to swap for the gloss let me know!)
-Zoom Fast Black Lash Mascara

UPDATE: I forgot to mention the free gift I got.
Haunting Eyeshadow:

Which puzzled me because I always remembered Haunting to be a much different colour and it was from Alexander McQuen collection...and so I checked googled and I was right...weird huh? I think they're the same finish too


a, said...

that sucks, they raised the price before i got a chance to go there for my first time!

whats the bottle with the white cap?

jooLee said...

@a, Ya I feel like every time I go, I'm being ripped off again and again. That bottle is the Lightful Softening Lotioning it was $20.

-mztoots- said...

love that tawny set! i didnt go this time but i guess i didnt miss much 25 for a quad? ugh that SUCKS! they keep increasing the price i hate it! nice haul though =)

Karen Law said...

Hi Julie! It's so nice to hear from you on blogger :) Hope all is well.
Dang how come I always miss out on these MAC warehouse sales?! I heard the line ups are kind of insane?
Wow you got so many things! That is strange though about Haunting eyeshadow because I have it and it's like the green shade - not the blue one that you got. Interesting that you pointed that out.
And I love the Tawny set you got! Soooo pretty.

Nicole said...

seems like u got alot of very nice mac makeup! Thats my fav!!