Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween Makeup

So I watched Paranormal Activity 2 last night (I did not see the first one), I was not that scared during the movie, but I was definitely scared at home - especially whenever I heard creaks or when I had to go to the basement! Let's just say I usually get about 3-4 hours of sleep before I have to get up at 4am for work (AND THAT'S IF I'M LUCKY!) - so yea, I didn't get any sleep that night!
BTW, Who's going to IMATS?? Cuz I am!!! =D

Here's a look I did on the bf last week:

I found the red I used too bright, so here's a better pic in black and white!

Here is what I did for my brothers last year for Halloween (they are twins if you're wondering!)

Skeleton (if you have been following me for a while you will remember I tried this initially on the bf with blood):


My first time using scar wax, I wasn't very good with it...
I learned all these looks from Petrilude's tutorials! He's amazing!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Haulin'

You can probably imagine my excitement when I found out that the company I work for gets me discounts at Juicy Couture!
I got my first JC handbag!

From MAC (I haven't shopped here in a while...)
Pro Creme Liner (my second one for the bf's house), Creme Cup lipstick (B2M), and On the Hunt Superslick liquid eyeliner

Bath & Body Works: (lol can you tell I love Sea Island Cotton?)

This set was on sale at Trade Secrets for 50% off. I think I got it for around $7.50

From Dollarama:
Kinda disappointed with this as it smells like cheap Halloween makeup. Not shown but I also purchased another ELF blending brush for $1.50

From CosmoProf (a beauty supply store where you need a license to purchase items)
This hairspray was on sale for only $6! Regular price I think was over $20 - it smells pretty good for a hairspray and doesn't leave any flakes

Shopper's Drug Mart!:
I always wanted to try out the Quo Professional Brush line....I never realized that when the normal Quo brushes went on sale fro 40% off that these would too.

I searched forever for a brush but I could not convince myself to buy any single brush, I still found them quite expensive...there were many duplicates between the professional and regular line and I could not see any major differences...I opted to get a travel brush set:

Also purchased these and some other personal items since if I spent $50 I would receive some major Optimum points

The nice cosmetician gave me some samples:

I had purchased the green nail polish above for $4.99, so you can imagine my frustration when I saw them on sale the next week for $2.99! So I picked up 2 more shades

L'oreal Warehouse Sale (Fall 2010)

I was lucky enough to go to another one of these. My mom always hides these tickets from me because she knows I waste a lot of money here. I really wanted to save up for IMATS but I was under very bad influence
I know it doesn't look like much but all that cost me just under $80...I was only planning on spending less than $40! I put back a lot of items too.
I could swear that prices have gone up. I remember the last time I went I blogged that the Maybelline foundations were $1.25, and L'oreal were $2. This time, Maybelline foundations were $3 and L'oreal foundations were $6.
The L'oreal Infallible lipsticks (the ones that have 2 sticks) were there for $4.

A quick overview of prices (of the items I purchased);
Matrix curl mousse $10.75
L'oreal shampoo/conditioners were $2.25
Maybelline concealer was $3.50 it only came in one shade
La Roche Posay set was $24

Maybelline eyeshadows were $3.50
L'oreal eyeshadow was $4
L'oreal nail polish was $2

Maybelline Pulse Perfection mascara $5
Falsies and Colossal were $3.50