Monday, September 20, 2010

I've been away too long...

Finally done with working full time has been taking up all my time! Just some random photos I wanted to share:

Pickle Barrel:

Nacho's at Sneaky Dee's:

(This bar was in the Scott Pilgrim video game)
I know looks like a pizza right?

Rimmel Steel Grey (bought this for $2.99 at Shopper's Drug Mart)
I love the texture and the brush! It lasts a long time too!

eBay Purchases

A gel liner for less than $3...I didn't even know it would be labeled at is obviously not real MAC. I have not worn it out since the swatch on my hand was not smudge proof. I was also surprised how small it was...the picture made it seem a lot bigger.

KOJI eyelash glue - these dry fast so you better not let the habit of letting the glue dry tacky get in the way. I got them in both black. The pink package is ridiculously small I felt ripped off. I paid over $7 for both of them. For the 2nd one, the glue spills a lot whenever I open it.

If you follow me on youtube you would know I did my first ELF haul (60% off sale):

And yes of course I got it....Urban Decay Naked Palette (I only wear neutrals)

At Sephora, with my 500 point perk:

Ardene (Accessory shop):
5 for $10

What I won at CNE (the EX):

Revlon @ CNE:
6 for $5 I think...

Lipsticks 3 for $10...which I realized wasn't that great a deal when they were on sale last time for $3.99....and damnit they had gum drop which I had just bought the week before!!!
Those tweezers are my fave ever I have 3-4 of them now!
The scissors I bought a few months ago for $13.99 and they were $5 there! But damnit I went another day and they had the scissor set but included a mini tweezer for the same price - DAMNIT!!!!

From Pacific Mall:
I dunno why I bought this I have no clue what I will use it for the material is really bad quality


helen said...

OMG YOU HAVE 3 DOMOS AHAHA... it's like a DOMO family! CUTE!!!

I didn't see the NYC lashes when I went =( boo.. but then again, I don't wear falsies regularly lol

The hello kitty pouch is cute ^_^ you can probably give it to a younger cousin or something if you can't find a use for it. We all buy things sometimes for the moment lol

-mztoots- said...

hey bitch omg i missed you lol you just finished uni too?! same samee but i still dont have a job! my parents have forced me to go looking recently so i havent been blogging =P pickel barrel drinks look ammmmazing! && your nail polish is hot! is that the metro chic dupe? love it! your nails are always on point i wish mine grew out that nicely! && that koji lash glue on the right is my HG glue! i loooove it! it makes my eyelashes stick on soo well =) && the naked palette!!! ahhhhh i want it!! but am too poor lol when i get a job ill rush to sephora and grab it =P && holy you hoe! i love the domo collection! i only got the medium one! what game did you play?? && didnt know they had revlon at CNE! k i think i commented on everything i wanted to lol come back to blogger!! <33

Srish said...

lovely haul...u r so lucky u got the Urban Decay palette!!!I want it so bad!!
Check out my blog too, m hosting a giveaway, you might be interested!


The Little Dust Princess said...

I won the little one at the Ex and my boyfriend one the huge one. LOL :D

xx The Little Dust Princess

Zerin (XinaRox) said...

Ooo I want a DOMO!

I wish I had gone to CNE with I want those lashes.

The HK pouch bag is real cute...I want it now as well.

panduhbear21 said...

OMGG wat kinda game was it?!? Was it easy?!? I want a domo so bad but the ones at wonderland are impossible to win :(!