Friday, September 24, 2010

EOTD: My Day Off

Like always, I didn't take these pics until I got home so the makeup wore down a lot in the picture...damn Make Up For Ever #92 eyeshadow stains like a bitch! My lids are still pink - I look like my eyes are infected but they're not! I wonder if I should risk wearing this look to work since the new dress code is to wear only neutral makeup...

Products Used:
MAC Ricepaper (highlight)
MAC Off the Page (above the crease)
MAC Bold and Brash pigment (in the crease)
Make Up For Ever #92 (lid)
MAC Sketch (lid)
MAC Crystal Avalanche (inner corner highlight)
Lenses are Geo Nudy Browns
Lashes are NYC ones that I got in the last post from CNE (got compliments at MAC on them)

Monday, September 20, 2010

I've been away too long...

Finally done with working full time has been taking up all my time! Just some random photos I wanted to share:

Pickle Barrel:

Nacho's at Sneaky Dee's:

(This bar was in the Scott Pilgrim video game)
I know looks like a pizza right?

Rimmel Steel Grey (bought this for $2.99 at Shopper's Drug Mart)
I love the texture and the brush! It lasts a long time too!

eBay Purchases

A gel liner for less than $3...I didn't even know it would be labeled at is obviously not real MAC. I have not worn it out since the swatch on my hand was not smudge proof. I was also surprised how small it was...the picture made it seem a lot bigger.

KOJI eyelash glue - these dry fast so you better not let the habit of letting the glue dry tacky get in the way. I got them in both black. The pink package is ridiculously small I felt ripped off. I paid over $7 for both of them. For the 2nd one, the glue spills a lot whenever I open it.

If you follow me on youtube you would know I did my first ELF haul (60% off sale):

And yes of course I got it....Urban Decay Naked Palette (I only wear neutrals)

At Sephora, with my 500 point perk:

Ardene (Accessory shop):
5 for $10

What I won at CNE (the EX):

Revlon @ CNE:
6 for $5 I think...

Lipsticks 3 for $10...which I realized wasn't that great a deal when they were on sale last time for $3.99....and damnit they had gum drop which I had just bought the week before!!!
Those tweezers are my fave ever I have 3-4 of them now!
The scissors I bought a few months ago for $13.99 and they were $5 there! But damnit I went another day and they had the scissor set but included a mini tweezer for the same price - DAMNIT!!!!

From Pacific Mall:
I dunno why I bought this I have no clue what I will use it for the material is really bad quality