Monday, August 23, 2010

CSN Stores Review: Casual Barn Sandals

I told you all in a previous post that I was going to do a review sponsored by CSN Stores. I was initially interested in the makeup mirror but I changed my mind when I realized they sold shoes! They sell tonss of shoes! For a while I found a few shoes I was interested in....but then....I was really mad that I wasted my time when I found out those certain styles didn't even ship to Canada. You Americans get all the fun!! So from then on I had to keep changing the filter to ships to Canada. At first, the selection was quite boring. Then one day they had all new shoes...very interesting that are great for clubbing, Halloween costumes, and ALSO there were shoes that can I put this? Would only be put to use by exotic dancers! No joke. Check this lol.
I have a bad habit of buying high heels that I dread wearing because I actually have flat feet so I can't wear heels for more than an hour without my body aching. So after long debate I chose these:

Don't mind the toe prints hehe

I know these may not be the most fashionable sandals but they seemed like the most practical choice for me at the time. After I placed my order the company immediately sent me a tracking number. I forgot exactly how long the shipping took but it was pretty quick, less than a week for sure. The day I received the package I immediately wore them since I was on my way out. The fit was perfect and they actually looked quite nice - exactly like the picture. I was scared I had picked out a granny style of sandal but they looked quite elegant. I was also scared the wood base would not be comfortable but it was actually very comfortable!
So...I don't find my feet to be wide but the sandals were definitely too narrow for me. The straps were digging very hard into my skin. I was already out so I could not change. When I would check my feet I had big pink marks from them. When I got home I saw they were actually bleeding a yea I think I will have to try to break them in using the ice trick.
What I really like about the site is that all the fees are charged when you pay. You do not have to worry about paying duty fees to the mail courier or having to pick it up at the post office because you did not have money on hand to pay the fees at the door. Also, the filtering system makes searching a breeze. Especially for the shoes, you can sort by size of heel, colour, size, brand, price, etc.
Overall, I had a good experience with the company just not with the item I chose. Who knows? Maybe my feet are considered to be wide =(



happy to hear u had a good experience with them :) the sandals are cute!

Jennie said...

Great review. Those are cute sandals. I love CSN stores as they have a great variety of stuff.

By the way, I am following you on Google Friend Connect.


Karen said...

Hey Julie :)
Great review. I know CSN ships pretty fast which is nice because with online shopping I want my stuff ASAP LOL.
No, I don't think you have wide feet if most of your shoes are regular shoes and fit fine. A lot of women shoes are very narrow actually, I find I have the same problem. My feet aren't narrow, they're probably more on the wide side but it's not like I have to resort to certain "wide fit" shoes...know what I mean? I hope the ice trick works for you.
I know, Spice Route is nice inside. I agree, the food is okay...I wouldn't go there JUST for the food but I'll go for the venue itself. I guess compared to other restaurants at that price level/ambiance/venue in general (like vs The Keg), the food is pretty good! I'm really not impressed with The Keg's food LOL

helen said...

No It was on the YRT.. I think the machine counts coins too but it was just annoying to listen to (I could hear it even with my ipod on -.-'')

I miss your blog posts!!

bubbs... said...

Nice review! I find I have the same problem with straps digging in (although for me I think it IS actually because I have wide feet, teehee). It takes a lot o bandaids (and days of pain and limping) to break in strappy sandals.


The Little Dust Princess said...

I've never experienced a sale with CSN before, so thanks for the review. The sandals are adorable!