Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Maybelline contest entry is finally up! Feel free to vote for your chance to win!

After a whole week my entry finally shows up!
How to win:
1. Access the Maybelline New York Canada fan page on Facebook
2. Click on the Contest tab and click enter now (I'm not sure if you have to fill out an entry form)
2. (Access voting/commenting) Vote or comment on one of the looks posted - vote for who ever you like! COMMENTS MUST BE MADE WITHIN THE CONTEST TAB, not within the wall
3. One comment/vote per day - 4 winners will be chosen! The more you vote the more chances you have of winning!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Hi Julie! Good luck with your Maybelline contest entry :) The prize looks really good!
Oh I went to the Best Buy at Eaton Centre Toronto. It's really close to my condo! And the supervisor for the camera department is so kind. She even remembered my name! LOL So it really must have been the green eye shadow ;)
I'm glad you got your money back and settled the Paypal case. My experience also turned me away from ebay/Paypal for awhile too. know, I don't really consider myself old for the most part. I think when I start seeing more people my age settling down in marriages and having kids, I think my age will start to sink in then! LOL But you know, I try to live it up while I can :) But girl, you look young!