Wednesday, May 5, 2010

April Finds

If I hadn't mentioned already....I am a BIG sushi addict. Trust me, that is not a good addiction especially for the wallet. Here is my fave dish in the world from my fave sushi restaurant - Mountain Roll from Sushi2Go. The picture shown is almost $50 worth but well worth it. Mountain Roll is basically spicy salmon with salmon and tobiko on top with hot sauce and this other sauce. The rolls shown without the sauce on top is just normal spicy salmon. I definitely recommened this place if you guys find one near you.

DCW: Finally found Lucky Lucky Lavender...was the last one too! Also picked up Red My Fortune Cookie.

This is what confuses me....Lucky Lucky Lavender looks pink to me...and Panda-monium Pink is more lavender to me
I did swatches, so PLEASE tell me what you guys think about that:

Lucky Lucky Lavender:

Panda-monium Pink:
I know my nails look gross here...the gel overlay was growing out and yes these are my natural nails.

Dollarama Finds:
OMG!! Most of you probably won't remember Nad's cuz you aren't as old as me but I wanted this soooooo bad from the informercials back in middle school! And then I would see them in those As Seen on TV stores for ridiculous prices. I tried it's alright...not amazing...

Also found this:

What a disappointment...this does not fit my eye shape at all and the curl it gives is disgustingly it pinches! Also found the powder and countouring brushes there but they had bad reviews on MUA.

From Sephora, I think I had was it...15% off? All I could settle for was NARS Laguna. I HATE the maintenance of NARS packaging though...I keep this in is box

From Winner's, picked this Stila kit for only $9.99! There were many different sets of shades.

I LOVE Revlon's implements. Their nail clippers are the only ones I ever use. I never have to file my nails afterwards. Got these at SDM during their 40% off sale.

From Sally's, picked up this curling iron on sale for $19.99! I haven't curler my hair since middle school. Back then I used to be pro and I would have perfect corkscrew I'm a noob

These hair brushes were buy 2 get 1 free:


helen said...

OMG ELF @ Dollarama?! and stila @ winners?! Why are you doinngg this to me! LOL...

giang said...

i loveeee lucky lucky lavender, that's my spring staple i have to be bias lol but pandamonium pink and lucky lavender should really switch names.. love the haul :)

giang said...

i loveeee lucky lucky lavender, that's my spring staple i have to be bias lol but pandamonium pink and lucky lavender should really switch names.. love the haul :)

Karen said...

Hi Julie! Mmmmm I LOVE sushi but I know what you mean about the damage on your wallet :\ One of my favourite rolls is the black dragon roll because I love unagi and it's basically unagi on top of a california roll- and I love cali rolls :)
Red My Fortune Cookie is such a sexy shade of red!
You're right, Panda-monium is what I think of lavender. But I like the pink tinge in Lucky Lucky Lavender. It adds more colour in my opinion.
I saw the Nads wax the other day at the dollar store too but I don't wax....and that's too bad about the ELF eye lash curler. I only use the Sally Hansen basic eye lash curler. I love it. My sisters bought me a She Umera one years ago and I detested it even though it's raved about. I guess for different eye shapes you have to find what's best for you. Luckily my $5 Sally one is great for me :)
Oooo I love the pink Stila lipglosses you got from Winners. Great deal!
I only use Revlon tweezers too - I think they work very well also.
Have a great weekend Hun!

Karen said...

Hey Hun! Oh you can get black dragon rolls at pretty much any Japanese restaurant. If you love unagi, definitely check it out.
And if you love salmon, I would suggest the "salmon sushi pizza". Have you tried it before? It's also pretty much at any restaurant here. It's salmon sashimi on top of a layer of mayo/sauce on this rice thing. It's sooooo good. I think the rice is slightly pan fried. It's my favourite salmon dish at a Japanese restaurant for sure!
I like a lot of places for sushi. Close to me, there's one across from 44 Charles Street West that I use to go to a lot because I lived there. I live like a ten minute walk from there now. I often go to Sushi X-tra on Queen Street/Spadina which is close to my girlfriend's place. "Ki" on Bay is okay - overpriced but you know, it's a classy pick up joint ;)
Ouch, sorry to hear about your experience with eyelash curlers. I have had that problem before with another brand but I can't remember what brand it was. After that, I just stuck with the Sally Hansen one that works for me :\

Leah ♥ said...

gorgeous nail color! I would love to hear a review on that curling iron, Im looking for a good one myself. Love the blog Kaliyan!!!

Natalie Nguyen said...

Great finds! Hm elf making their way to dollarama huh? Finding something at Winners for a cheaper price always gets me to say "YES!"

Janel "GiLiNG" said...

Those polishes are so pretty! You should def try out the studio brushes :). I haven't tried the ones I just bought, but I prior to my haul I've been using the complexion brush and the eye contour brush (both studio line). The complexion brush did shed like crazy the first few times I washed it. It's ok now though (maybe I just got a defective one?). I love the contour brush though :) I recommend that one. I do plan on doing a separate post of the ones I just got once I've tried them, so don't forget to watch out for that.

I've always wanted to try NADS too! I remember those infomercials, but they were kinda expensive at the time though. I remember watching the infomercial about how they came up with the idea LOL. That was hella long ago :D. Shows my age -_- haha.

- ♥ Janel [blog]

*Anita* said...

nice haul! that mountain roll looks SO GOOD!! totally kicking up my sushi craving haha :D

good luck with the Maybelline contest! xx

RoxyJ said...

Great finds, dollarama Also had some of that Sally hansen inspired by carmindy items, the foundations, ans dome blushes for $2

RoxyJ said...

Great finds! My Dollarama also had some Sally Hansen Inspired by Carmindy Stuff. The foundation and blushed are great

-mztoots- said...

I love dollarama! lol i cant believe they have elf products there! And I remember nads! I tried it back when I was in grade 5 but I dont remember if it was good cause I was so young! tell us how it goes!

Janel "GiLiNG" said...

It's been a while since you last posted, but I just wanted to let you know that you have a blog waiting for you on my blog :)

- ♥ Janel [my blog]

-mztoots- said...

You just need a bit of practice the thicker band is kinda harder to work with. My sister says the same things about asian lashes (especially the thick thick ones).I use Black Fix by Koji (asian brand) and I think it works pretty well. I used to use lashgrip but man my eyelashes always ended up lifting at the corners by the end of the night bleh garbage glue. thx for following =)