Thursday, March 25, 2010

I need help! PayPal Dispute/Claims

UPDATE: I have won my case against both FaceFront and BeautyChoice.

So unfortunately my last 2 online purchases have gone wrong.

The first, FaceFront Cosmetics...
I ordered 2 eyeshadows from them. Facefront never sent me a tracking number even though the website says it always gives with an order...I never received a tracking number the first time I had ordered from them either so I didn't think it was a big deal and I thought maybe cuz I am from Canada and it was a small order they wouldn't give me a tracking number. After almost a month of not receiving my package I emailed them 3 times with no response. I looked up if there were any other cases similar to mines...let's just say there were MANY...apparently they seemed to have not shipped out any of their orders...and apparently they are under new management and so the owner uses that for an excuse. The cases I read online, the girls were ignored as well but once they opened a dispute on paypal the owner CALLED them right away and finally shipped out their orders.

So I filed a dispute with FaceFront. After a couple days with no response. I escalted it to a claim. Have any of you escalted your disputes to a claim? I wanna know what happens. I read more aritcles/forums about how paypal scams you as well. Trying to push you to escalate the case to a claim, which automatically closes your dispute. From then on PayPal has the final word. The cases I read most people had a problem that they were denied a refund from Paypal since their complaint was about receiving the wrong product. Paypal claims to only protect against shipping and not against quality of items. So I really do not see why not I will win this one but let's see how good/safe PayPal really is...

OMG SECOND order: mother flippin'
I had tried out my friend's Ozon Flat Iron which she had purchased in the winter from BeautyChoice. It was AMAZING! So I decided to order one for myself. I DID receive a tracking number. Here is the information:
  • Inbound International Arrival, March 13, 2010, 9:30 pm, ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)
  • Origin Post is Preparing Shipment
  • Into Foreign Customs, February 28, 2010, 10:06 pm, CANADA
  • Arrived Abroad, February 28, 2010, 10:06 pm, CANADA
  • International Dispatch, February 25, 2010, 6:50 am, ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS)
  • Arrival
  • Electronic Shipping Info Received, February 24, 2010

I kind of freaked out when I read that it was back in Chicago even though it has been to Canada. I didn't understand the terminology. So I emailed the company numerous times with no response.

Keep in mind PayPal only gives you 45 days from payment to file a dispute so I opened one a few days ago. And this is the response I get:
"We have spoken regarding your order and informed you the package was denied at customs and is being returned to our warehouse. Once received, we can issue you a refund. Please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime."

I freaked out. Ok first of all I was not spoken to at all so I feel disrespected that I was talked down to like that, making me seem like some dumbass. 2nd of all, if they knew the item would never be in my hands I should have gotten my refund right away!

It's been in Chicago since March 13 and today is March much longer do I have to wait until it gets back to their warehouse? Who even knows if its back in their warehouse and they didn't tell me...I only have until April 12 to file a claim with them, which will automatically close my case with them and let PayPal decide. I'm scared of that shipping clause, since the company actually did ship out their item I don't know if PayPal would still cover me.

What if BeautyChoice loses the package and never gets it back? Even if they get it back, I doubt it is in their priority to give me back my money, they will find some way to keep my money...

In the meantime I have emailed my bank and have told them my situation...I hope this will all get settled =(

So I wanna know if any of you have filed claims or disputes with PayPal. Please let me know your stories.


Halifax said...

Wow, 2 cases in a row. Sorry you didn't have much luck with them. I can't tell you about paypal claim process, as I passed the 45 days (waiting so long for shipping) before I contacted them, but I think putting in a claim is the only option when the transaction goes wrong. Otherwise, you have to rely on the seller to give your money back.

charlene-ann said...

Hey hun, I just emailed you =)

charlieFlii said...

Never ever buy ANYTHING online with a debit card! ALWAYS ALWAYS use a credit card so if shit hits the fan like this- u can dispute it w your credit card and they will most likely not charge you and will go after the other party to get the money back.

i won a giveaway from last yr and it took them 2 months to send me my package. they only sent me my package after i sent them an email. yah that was my first and LAST time with beautychoice.

sorry about your purchases. hope every thing works out! thank you for sharing!!

jooLee said...

@charlieFlii - yes thankfully it was through my credit card so hopefully i am protected. too bad i found out how horrible these companies were after i had given them my money =(

jessica said...

i've filed a claim on a perfume i ordered and was not allowed to go through customs. i actually received a letter in the mail stating that the item will be confiscated because it was a dangerous liquid. i filed a claim on paypal and they refunded my money back. hope your paypal disputes go well on your side though.

jooLee said...

@Jessica, did PayPal or the company you ordered from refund your money back?

naturalnchicmakeup said...

oh wow that really sucks. I hope you get your money back.

Karen said...

Hi Julie! Thank you so much for checking out my blog :)
Thanks so much for sharing your experience about FaceFront and BeautyChoice. I'm sorry to hear about it :( Yes I have had one issue with a Paypal money transfer to me before...the funds got reversed because they were fraudulent and it took Paypal forever to give me my money back. I had to make a number of phone calls to Paypal as well. I am leery of Paypal sometimes - but 98% of the other time it's been fine. It's just that I don't think they really know how to take action right away when it comes to frauds - it takes too long and I got mixed responses from different representatives over the phone :\
Oh and I couldn't comment on your first post for some reason but I love your Maybelline challenge FOTD. You look beaufiful and I agree your eye shadow does look airbrushed!

melynda said...

OMG! im so going thru this right now! i order my stuff in Feb 2010 and still havent received them. please tell me wat i should do!

melynda said...

OMG! I'm so going thru this right now!!! i made 2 orders thru facefront in Feb 2010 and still havent received my orders!!!! i emailed them several times but never respond! what to do? i need your help!

jooLee said...

@ melynda, if you paid through paypal u can file a dispute, then if they don't reply in a few days escalate it to a claim, i think u only have like 45 days since you ordered, so I dunno how your situation will work out