Sunday, February 14, 2010

Birthday Post and Randoms

I just noticed I haven't posted an updated picture of myself, so here it is! This was during my birthday dinner at one of my fave sushi restaurants called Ginza

I did a classic smokey eye...wanted to take some eye shots but couldn't cuz I only had like 20 minutes to do my makeup before I had to leave...

......cuz basically THIS took up my whole day:
Took over 4 hours but I love them!!

Also went clubbing afterwards, I wore this dress I purchased off of HotMiamiStyles:

Love the fit of this dress!

I had also purchased this dress but the dress was such a struggle to get on! Also the dress didn't look as good in person...and the rhinestones made it look cheap and were poorly placed

Birthday gift from the bf - love it sooo much but it scratches too easily =(

FINALLY GOT A TRAINCASE! So I made a stupid mistake of buying this first when I got to the mall...had to end up sitting by myself in the mall for 2 hours waiting for my bf to finish up at the gym cuz I couldn't even walk for more than 10 seconds carrying this - sooo heavy!

When it's filled:

Got these from eBay for around $3! Same seller where I bought the 4 packs for $13

Oh how I love Wal-Mart!

Gave into the hype and picked up L'oreal Lineur's alright...there was instructions on the box but I threw it out...can someone re-explain to me how to get the tip re-moist???

I saw DulceCandy use this in her brow tutorial, so I decided it would be good for doing the bf's brows

I love this eye makeup remover! It was on sale already and I found a $1.50 off coupon - why do us girls get so excited over little deals like this? lol

I really loved how Up the Amp turned out on me so I decided to go all out and try a bright new shade - Show Orchid


shexilicious said...

yumm i love ginza! Moscow Rolls haha

Cristina BarbieLuvsMac said...

the dress is so cute!!!!!!!
and how much did your nails cost??? i been wanting to get some dont like thta

Zerin said...

Love your updated pic. ;) you look GORGEOUS!

charlene-ann said...

aww such a pretty picture =) &&& hot outfit &&& love love love the bracelet <3

giang said...

the train case looks so roomy, loves it! and the mac lippie, also

Natalie Nguyen said...

Oh that dress looks so glam!
Pretty pretty nails! I would never have the patience ><

Amanda said...

Happy Belated birthday!! My birthday was on the 7th =) I love those nails and that dress is super cute.