Monday, August 17, 2009

Recent Purchases

eBay Purchases

If you guys have followed me from the beginning, you may have remembered that I have ordered lingerie off of eBay before. I never mentioned that the item I won looked absolutely NOTHING like the was like a granny dress!! And I was too lazy to send it back, it even said in the description that the pic was not 100% accurate...but yea I was really worried that this new one would be different too, but it's actually a lot more accurate, only problem is it only came in one size so it's a bit loose on me.

False eyelash curler (I think that's what it is anyways! LOL they have the worst descriptions ever! They called it an eyelash clipper...who the hell wants to clip their eyelashes?!) Anyways I think it was the infamous blogger XiaXue who mentioned having a special eyelash curler for false lashes is essential. This was about $3 and free shipping!

A blackhead remover tool for my bf...also less than $3 and free shipping

Sephora Deal Alert! Supposedly Benefit's best selling items are combined in an affordable compact, a $35 value (I think) for $12! You can find these at the cash desk...I did anyways...down side is it only comes in one shade: medium

DCW @ Vaughan Mills

Ok so I haven't been to this mall in like 2 years...but I finally got my hands on Milk (and yes, they are sold with tape on it lol)! The blush in Mauve was $6.99 which I don't think is that great a deal but I haven't tried it yet, and the L.A Colors palette was only $3.99...all the girls at my work wear LA Colors and they seem pigmented to I wanted to try it out,down side is they didn't have testers for those palettes...shit son...the new NYX 5 colour palettes are sooo pigmented. but $12.99...damn I wanted sooo many more things like NYX lipsticks and brushes but I tried very hard to limit myself! I wanna go again!!

Guess - my bf picked this out for me cuz my fave colours are black and gold =)

MAC Mineralized Blush in Gleeful...damn these mineralized things are messy...

Random Thought: I really like how I did my eyeliner wing here =)
My eyeliner application takes forever btw...probably as long as my whole face routine
Just came home from a long day at work...ignore the oiliness

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New Annabelle Studio Pigments, Coach, and Mini MAC Haul

Thanks to Catherine from Annabelle for letting me try out the New Annabelle Studio Pigments prior to their release. I will soon be having a giveaway contest on my youtube channel for all the products in the following picture, so stay tuned for the review and subscribe to my channel if you wanna win! These will retail for $8.50 each and are a Shoppers Drug Mart exclusive. I will include more details when I record my video.

Pretty pigmented huh?

The packaging is very convenient as well - less mess!

I got this a while ago...but summer has made me really lazy hence the lack of blog posts...this will be my last Coach purchase for a while...I really needed a nice wristlet cuz it was really embarrassing going to formal events with a big ass purse. I had my eye on this for a lonng time ago and I was hoping the new collections would have released something better but after 2-3 collections nothing caught my eye, so I decided to settle for this one, but then when I went they were sold out, so they put me on the waiting list and when they got it in stock they called me right away to pick it up! I didn't get those small ones that everyone has, I got the bigger ones - if you've seen my phone you will see why I need a larger one lol (I have the N95 8gig plus a case I bought off eBay). What do you guys think of it? I don't have really good taste when it comes to these things so I hope I made a good choice...

Ali Signature Large Wristlet

And they threw in free Poppy pencils too!

I've also been slacking on this post lol I got this the first day Color Craft released, Natural Flare quad - which I actually Back 2 MAC'd friend got it only a few days prior at the pro store and then when I went this new bitch declined me...and I was like WTF my friend just got it at this exact location and she was like "oh well your friend was lucky..." I was just like wow...what a bitch...anyways I went to the one at the mall I worked at (which is known for their rude MAC MAs) and the MA (who is usually always in a bad mood) told me it was no problem and she was super friendly to me that day - Ha! take that hoe! Then I got the 226 just to be nice haha but I actually have been using almost everyday.