Monday, July 20, 2009

Super Duper Cheap Lashes from eBay, MUFE Makeover Gift, and Skeleton Face Attempt!

..and not just the items shown here...a LOT more! =(
I already own like a gazillion pairs of false lashes, but....I found a sweet deal on lashes off of eBay - 40 pairs for $12! Here is the seller
You get 4 different styles, but you don't get to choose. I'm not a fan of those thick ones, looks draggish. Plus, it also includes eyelid glue and the pusher (which I don't need)
After I purchased them, I found even better deals =(
Like 50 pairs for $13, and this one you get to choose..and 100 pairs for like $22 - but that's just too much! lol
Anyways I ordered these on the night of the 10th and I already got them in!!

Yea those thick ones wouldn't stay in place...they're not stuck on with adhesive like the Model 21 lashes.

I received an email from Sephora, promoting a Make Up For Ever Event, giving consultations, and then you would receive a free pouch, so I debated for so long whether to make my appointment before or after my shift. Thank GOODNESS I scheduled it AFTER my shift...because OMFG the MA did a horrible job on me....I didn't even take pics of it, it was THAT bad...I wanted to get my makeup done after my shift so that the MA would see my makeup skills that I had already applied to my face, but was just really really bad...but whatever not like I was going anywhere afterwards.
Anyways I only ended up purchasing the Aqua eyes liner, two other products I wanted they were sold out of.

And here's my attempt of Petrilude's Skeleton Face on my bf - I did this while he was sleeping! I know it's not too great, I didn't evne have all my materials, and I did this really quick cuz he kept moving his head, then it would smudge on the pillow, and I was getting frustrated!

Red Cherry Natural Lashes


Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

omg! what an amazing haul! Even if there are a few you didnt like, for that price who cares! Im excited for you! Totally sucks about the mufe counter. I just cant imagine them doing a bad job. Like was the girl, oh you look fab, lol! Maybe next time will be better!

Great job on the BF looks fabulous!

XINAR0X said...

WOW! That skeleton face looks so good. Can't wait for your halloween looks. ;)

shexilicious said...

yikes, i cant trust MAs sometimes :( I just wanted you to know that once I saw those falsies, i ran to ebay and got them too. How long did it take to get to TDot?

S h e r y L said...

the skeleton face looks good! && i can relate to a MUA messin up! makes u wonder how they got the job lol

KIITZYY said...

LOL!! i cant believe u were able to do that while he was sleeping! and it came out really good! trust :)

cleung341 said...

I heard that in Asia, people use the eyelid glue for eyelash adhesive instead of products like Duo, because they think its more safe.
Nice haul, was it the same seller that was selling the bigger lot of the lashes? If not, can you post a the username please?

Edna said...

Wow, thats a lot of lashes!

You did a good job on the BF! Mine would toss and turn if I did that to him in his sleep :)

jooLee said...

hey cleung341, i heard about that too! no sorry i don't have those sellers saved, i saw them at my bf's house

missheeyang's gibberish said...

hey hun. i got the same lashes. i actually love the bushy thick ones. its super seductive..

KRYSTAL said...

whoaa thats alot of lashes for cheap! thanks for posting the seller! might look into buying those! anyways about the cs brush, its the "tapered crease eye brush -comparable to mac 226" u should get it! very stiff and great qualitY! and its only $2.49! lol

KRYSTAL said...

oh really! haha! must be that "new" look? lol

Miss Odukoya xx said...

I have been looking for eye lashes that wouldn't be too much..I will definitely check this out..
Nice blog

Toronto Circle Lens said...

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Your make-up skills are truly amazing!

Natgn said...

Hey you have a really great blog here.. I just wasn't expecting to see a picture of my cousin on here o__o surprised me for sure XD

p.s AWESOME skills on your bf!

Natgn said...

Oh my cousin is Jennifer lol