Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Makeup Night!!

Yea so me and my girls were bored so one of my friends suggested I go get my makeup and do everyone's makeup...So we went to my house and I dumped like half of my makeup stash into bags (at this point I really wish I owned a traincase) then went back to my friend's house...I have never really done anyone's makeup before and I must admit it's not very easy working with different eye shapes...especially Asian eyes that are smaller than mines! You can see I got kinda tired by each girl lol it was late plus they weren't going yea i realize the eyes are not all even or perfectly blended like i would like...and they did not have the luxury of the colored lenses and lashes like I do =)
P.S. Thanks to my girl XINAROX for taking most of the pics and washing my brushes muahaha

Moly (Isn't she so photogenic??)

Jennifer (Sorry no before shots, but trust me she looked so much older with her makeup, she is very innocent looking)

(I will admit, this is not my fave look, we couldn't decide what look to do on her, I forgot to do some key steps but I was tired and it was late - plus I never brought any lip shades so we just gave her the jizz lip with concealer lol)

Dinner at Pickle Barrel


Edna said...

You did an amazing job! Your girls must be proud of you :)

BabyJanny said...

ooh, you got skills! they all look gorgeous! :)