Thursday, May 14, 2009

L'oreal Warehouse Sale (Toronto) & Coastal Scents Haul

So I have been going to this sale every year for a few years now, I always ended up getting crappy items I will never use and I end up tossing out a lot of sealed items that have just sat in my drawers for too long. Anyways, I went again this year anyways. It is invitation only, i'm not too sure on how to get your hands on them, my mom usually gets them from people at her work, and I have a few friends who also gets these through their mothers' workplaces. It opened Wednesday, and ends on the 31. So basically they sell tons of things from different brands owned by L'oreal such as: Redken, Matrix, Garnier, Maybelline, Lancome, Biotherm, Armani, Ralph Lauren, Vichy, Kiehl's, and more! OMG I went after class, and I was carrying my textbooks and laptops and damn I was there for like 2 hours, my back was killing me!! And I wasn't there that long because the process was long, but because women were always in my way, so I had to always come back to certain sections afterwards when space cleared up. In terms of selection, there is a great deal of selection, but they are the kinds of things you buy cuz they're cheap then you hardly ever use them lol. The foundations there were RIDICULOUSLY cheap. I had a hard time cuz I wanted one but I have literally never boughten a drugstore foundation, so I had no clue what shade to pick, even though there were testers. I ended up getting L'oreal True Match foundation for only $2 but then when i got home I realized I chose a cool toned shade! =( They had L'oreal lipsticks 10 for $10, and tons of bronzers/self tanners, perfumes, hair dyes - which I was ooo tempted to look at since that's what I usually buy, but no more home hair dye for me! BTW the women there are crazy!!! Anyways, here's some pics:

The Maybelline Mineral Foundation was only $1.25!!!
The blush was $1.50
The eyeshadows were $1.25

Those were all $3 or less other than the root riser, which was $10

And then.........(lol like in Dude, where's my car?)
Coastal Scents Haul!
Empty 12 magnetic palette
Empty 15 palette (not for me)
Metal Lash comb
Sable Crease Brush
Synthetic Deluxe Crease Brush
Black sable eyeshadow brush - which is NOT like the 239 like all the reviews say...
and this time they did give me a sample but it was sooooooo little compared to the last time, i swear like not even enough to press 1 layer into a pan...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Recreation of my MAC Makeover + Random Hauls

So I got a makeover done at The Bay MAC a while ago. I chose to get the look called "Glitterpuss" from Hello Kitty done. The MA was super duper nice and her makeup application on me was awesome. She guided me through every single step she was doing. It was funny cuz she was scared on how dramatic she could go, I told her yea do everything - I do that all the time! lol she said its cuz people come in with no makeup, its difficult to know how dramatic they will go. Unfortunately, I didn't get to take pics until i came home, and it was a hot day, so i was SUPER DUPER oily in them, hence, I didn't post the pics until now. Plus the makeup faded in only a few hours, even before I had dinner. No UDPP = FAIL imo!

Here is the look the MAC MA did - I LOVE IT! Oh yea I applied lashes afterwards so that's why my lashes don't really match up. Keep in mind this was like 8 hours after application though...WARNING: super shiny face! =(

And here's the look I RECREATED at home, I noticed she did the contour shade higher than me, I switched it with the orange =)
Ooh, and don't mind the messed up eyebrows, with my new black hair, I'm still getting used to the dark eyebrows, which means more work in defining them

Products Used (I hardly had any of the shades the MA used, so I improvised):
Rubenesque Paint Pot
Nars Mediteranee (orange side)
MAC Rose Blanc
MAC Soft Brown
MAC Brown Down
CS 88 Palette for Paradisco dupe

Here is the Glitterpuss Facechart (Hello Kitty Collection) - I know, the look didn't even come out like the face chart, but oh well I still like it!:

And if you are wondering, yes I am wearing the Geo Angel Browns! I finally got in my shipment from SG Lenses. Unfortunately he is not selling anymore at the moment...but I have sooo many pairs to last me a looong time. I was really hoping to get the Angel Wings from Mezmerized Eyes in an purchase my friend was going to order. I noticed the site's paid orders were going up, so I texted her right away "PAY NOW!" and shes like okay. Then the next morning I see the site closed its batch, then I asked my friend if she paid, she said no she fell asleep and got mad that she didn't get to order *SIGH* but I see now the site doesn't have batch promotions like before, so I will postpone from ordering. Here is my shipment:

And piggie contact lense cases!!

From Make Up For Ever Pro (Sears), they are closing, so I HAD to pick up their pro pan in 92 - I was amazed they were still in stock - only $13.50. I didn't feel like getting the palette since I only own one pro pan, and I don't wish to depot my full sized ones, there is no recycling program like MAC =(

Sally's Beauty Supply Haul:
(Yes, I jumped onthe bandwagon and got For Audrey, i thought it was the most ugliest shade ever, until I tried it and i LOVE it!!)

And from Guess:
(My pic makes it look ugly I dunno why)