Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coach Haul =)

So I got a brand new handbag for FREE since my Carly was tearing apart. Coach has had many complaints of the Carly handbag being defective, which is why it is discontinued now. I was really hoping to get a new wristlet, but wasn't interested in the selection. Hopefully, they come out with better wristlets soon!

Signature Large Zoe Handbag (Maybe I should have stuffed it lol):

Since summer is approaching, I wanted to get my first swingpack!
Penelope Signature Swingpack:

I decided to get the signature handbag, since I already had the matching checkbook wallet =)


eyecon1219 said...

oh you got great stuff there ! why didn't you post up your new hurr ? you look cute !!

jooLee said...

haha girl you funny! you KNOW i hate my hair its hideous!!! =(

Whit said...

wow what a great deal!!!! it's gorgeous!!!

Iyah said...

yeah dazzleglass are pretty expensive. I only have 3 and the other 2 are from Kouture. :( I want more.. aha! i need to call the MAC asap and see if they can B2M for dazzleglass.. Thanks for this sweetie :)


That's great! How did you get a free purse?

jooLee said...

It was an exchange since my old one wore out so quickly