Sunday, March 29, 2009

Circle lenses!

Update: I am fully healed from my accident, with only a few scars that aren't very noticeable. And also, I got my items back from my swaplifter! She got the shit scared out of her when we told her (there were over 6 of us that I know about) we were reporting to the police.
So I tried black circle lenses a year ago, and they cost me friggin' $200 for one pair! So when I found a site that sold them for only $14US+shipping, I knew I had to take advantage, even though I HATE ordering online (you can get prescription too!). And I have to note that the CDN dollar sucks...a $60 order becomes over $80...I think it took me about 3 months to receive, but it was well worth the wait. The contacts you receive are exactly like the ones shown in the pic, however, not the ones in the models' eyes, and yea, you won't look like the model lol. I just recently placed another order since I loved them so much! The person who runs the site is very friendly as well!

Here's my favourite pair:

Okay, so I can't pull off the Ulzzang look (not that I tried), I think I look too North Americanized lol and yea that pic was taken late at night so excuse the worn out makeup and skin. Grrr I hate my roots - it makes me look like I have greasy roots but I don't wanna redo my roots until I have an occasion to go to, my hairdresser charges me $125 JUST to do my roots...I think I've been paying $800/year just to keep up with my I am seriously considering dying my hair back to dark =(

Oh ya, and if you guys wanna repress matte eyeshadows and alcohol won't work, MAC's Face and Body Mixing Medium will do the trick. I tried pressing with alcohol, and it wouldn't work. Don't forget to press it with a coin too or it might fall out from the pan when it is dried. NOTE: The eyeshadow is MAC Brown Script (Matte Squared Finish)

With MAC Face and Body Mixing medium:

With alcohol....GROSS!:

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da goose said...

glad you are recovering =D and yay for getting your stuff back!