Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sally's Beauty Supply & MAC Haul

Ok so after like 2-3 years, i FINALLY get to shop at Sally's Beauty Supply again. I always try to go because there's one right beside my movie theatre but that one closes so early!
I gave in and I got the membership card (also, an excuse for my boyfriend to take me there!)
It's $5 for a year, and you get the membership prices/deals!

Here are a few things I purchased. I purchased more, but too lazy to take pics =P

Teasing Brush!

Duo Lash Glue Dark Adhesive

Sally Girl's Nail Polish (so cheap and so cute!!)

Also, my MAC order finally arrived:

I'm excited to try the brush cleanser because I'm currently using my Quo Brush Cleanser, and it costs pretty much the same as the MAC. Since the MAC bottle doesn't have a spray bottle, I will pour it into the Quo bottle once its done (instant Back to MAC!). Ooh I also purchased funnels for this purpose lol


eyecon1219 said...

you'll like the MAC brush cleaner ! it works really well =).

eternalmi said...

hey for the mac brush cleanser, you can also get a spray bottle from dollarama (it comes in a a pack of 2, spray/pump/hole) and the spray top fits right on it =)

Shirley said...

I have seen the wide range of nail colors at Sally Beauty... Those are so nice!!