Wednesday, January 7, 2009

MAC Online 25% off Sale!!

OMG MAC never ever has a sale, except since last Spring they had 15% off sale. Even though i HATE ordering online, I couldn't pass up - free shipping too! Although I've been on a tight budget I'm proud of myself for controlling how much I ordered, since I already have waaay too much MAC already, more than I can ever wear! What did YOU get??
I ordered:

217 Blending Brush (this will be my 2nd one since i LOVE it!)

Brush Cleanser

Lip Conditioner SPF 15

Love Nectar Lustreglass

Travel Jars


eyecon1219 said...

ooh you got some goodies ! i ordered mine i think tuesday night and it came today ! =) i can't believe how fast they shipped it out to me ! oh btw i got my contacts (yay) !

M said...

good stuff! #217 was sold out when i tried to order.. doH