Thursday, December 11, 2008

I HATEEE Facefront's Closet!

So long story short, I ordered Facefront's Survival Paint (eyeshadow base) from their authorized re-seller Facefront's Closet (not the original Facefront webiste). They instead sent me an eyeshadow pigment, which costs less than the Survival Paint, therefore I paid more for an item that costs less. I emailed the company's main email address many times and they have never answered once. I complained to the seller's email and she/they said there's nothing they can do except refund me the difference. Reluctantly, I was like ok if you can't even send me the right product that I ordered, give me my refund of the difference.
After all that, she found a lame excuse to refuse me the right product OR the refund - she found a way to blame ME! Even though it was clear they had made a mistake.


pangea said...

i like your blog, give us more

SUSIE said...

Did you contact FaceFront Cosmetics? Honestly, I bet if you contacted them they'd help you out. They are really great... I've been a customer of theirs for so long. I love the products. Good luck :)

jooLee said...

No, I didn't contact the original Facefront because they told me they are in no way associated with return policies for this company. But you're right, I should have at least tried. I think it's a bit too late now though =(